HVAC Technician Job Responsibilities

A HVAC Technician Job Responsibilities include setting up, repairing, trouble shooting and maintenance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems which are used in various industrial processes. These HVAC equipments are useful in various heating and ventilation processes made use of in any organisation. The job of HVAC demands a thorough know-how about the air conditioning systems and heating systems as well. The technical experts of HVAC must carry the understanding about the mechanical and electrical aspect of HVAC machineries.

HVAC Technician Job Responsibilities

  • All the instruments associated with production of chilled water and compressed air supply conditioning systems are maintained and repaired by the HVAC technicians.
  • All the major renovation and construct projects in any industry or refinery is designed and maintained by these HVAC technicians.
  • The technician working in various facilities are assisted and guided by these HVAC technicians in all the specific maintenance task of electrical and plumbing repair.
  • They must be ready to respond to all the emergency and unscheduled service requests.
  • They also manage and monitor all the stocks which are kept for emergency repairs and all these stocks are made available on the request by these technicians.
  • All the records of the plants and stocks are maintained by these HVAC technicians and they also ensure the timely delivery of these data to the higher authorities.
  • HVAC technician is also required to provide repair and maintenance services at the client location when necessary.
  • Responsible for the repair and maintenance of the compressed air supply conditioning equipment used for repairing.
  • Maintenance of repair and chilling plant records and submitting them is also another responsibility that a HVAC technician is required to perform.
  • The candidate also has the responsibility of bringing any errors or equipment faults that cannot be rectified to the notice of the supervisor immediately.

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