ICU Nursing Job Responsibilities

ICU i.e. the Intensive Care Unit (also referred to as critical care unit, intensive therapy unit, and intensive treatment unit) is a special unit or department of a hospital/ similar medical institution, which provides intensive care to the most critical cases of medicine. The ICU nursing is thus that field of nursing which focuses on the utmost care of the patients who are in very critical states. These nurses must be comfortable with a variety of equipments and technology which is used in an ICU. Also they have a number of responsibilities which they must carry on with diligence.

Sample ICU Nursing Job Responsibilities

  • A nurse working in the intensive care unit is responsible for watching the patient very closely so as to pick up on all subtle and sudden changes in the condition of the respective patient that might require immediate intervention.
  • An ICU nurse is responsible for the total care of the patient which includes medications, orders and the treatments.
  • A nurse in the ICU is also responsible for ensuring that all the equipments and the technological tools used in the care of the patient are functioning properly, in case of any fault they are required to inform the respective authority immediately.
  • An ICU nurse is responsible for monitoring all of the medical stats of the patient such as the heart rate, the respiratory system, blood pressure, stress level etc.
  • An ICU nurse is responsible for providing the patients and their families with regular updates of the patient’s condition while also helping them cope with the circumstances.
  • An ICU nurse is responsible for providing the doctors with all the required assistance such as assistance in performing special procedures etc.
  • An ICU nurse is responsible for managing the charts and all the records of the patient.

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