Immigration Officer Job Responsibilities

An immigration officer is responsible for ensuring that the immigration laws of a country are adhered to and he is also responsible for correcting any breaches. Their work also involves undertaking immigration visits along with police assistance to classify people who do not have the authority to remain in the country and ensuring that immigrants do not overstay their allocated time in a country. Here are some of the immigration officer job responsibilities.

Immigration Officer Job Responsibilities

  • An immigration officer examines the passports of visitors to a country at the port of entry to ensure that it is a valid one and that the visitor has the required documents to enter the country.
  • An immigration officer also observes passengers passing through ports of entry for any suspicious activity. They need to take necessary action if they find anything suspicious.
  • They also conduct interviews to ascertain the reason a passenger is visiting the country.
  • An immigration officer interprets and explains laws and regulations to travellers, prospective immigrants, shippers, and manufacturers.
  • An immigration officer takes fingerprints of the passengers and any other biometric identification that maybe required.
  • They are responsible for carrying out routine surveillance activities and also intelligence-based work.
  • An immigration officer is responsible for the deporting of passengers who fail to qualify for entry into the country.
  • Organising a place for a person in a holding area (for example, when a person is claiming asylum).
  • Set up civil and criminal prosecutions and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of passenger who are in violation of immigration laws. They are also responsible for giving witness statements regarding decisions at immigration appeals or in court.
  • An immigration officer is responsible for collecting statistics and data related to the number of people entering the country, the number of passengers deported etc. This data is then used to create the required reports.

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