Import Export Manager Job Responsibilities

Import export managers are responsible for overseeing the movement of goods between one country and another. The company that exports and imports the goods hires such professionals so that there are no problems in the entire goods and money transaction process. The people working at this post need to be fully aware of the process that is followed during the import and export and they need to complete all the paperwork that is mandatory for these processes.

The people working as export import managers need to possess a management degree and they are hired based on the qualification and previous job records. There are various job responsibilities that needs to be fulfilled by a person working at this post and the list of the major ones is given below:

Import Export Manager Job Responsibilities:

The import export managers need to:

  • Be aware of the regulations that the exporter and importer countries follow and also ensure that these regulations have been followed to the tee.
  • They need to have all the paperwork ready so that in case of any random check they are prepared and can explain each action performed.
  • Arrange for shipping that is not only time bound but is also cost effective. This might require the manager to look for alternate routes so that the cost is marginally reduced.
  • Ensure that the shipping route is safe. There are several shipping routes that are prone to being attacked and looted. The manager needs to create a plan of shipping that excludes these routes thus making him/her responsible for all these logistics.
  • Maintain proper relationships with personnel who are men of power in the import export circuit. This will enable them to avoid red tape and also help them to work smoothly.
  • Create training programs for the staff who are involved in this process so that the process is not unnecessarily delayed.
  • Maintain proper relations with trucking vendors, customs personnel, brokers and suppliers so that in times of need a big emergency can be averted.

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