Information Security Job Responsibilities

The information security has become very important in the globalised world and this has led to the creation of a senior position for administration of the data security and creation of the disaster recovery programs. The post holder is mainly concerned for securing information and data of sensitive nature that should not be make public. They play an important role in maintaining the veracity and privacy of a company’s data and information systems.

Information Security Job Responsibilities

  • It is their responsibility to create and formulate the information security objectives of the company and make plans and procedures for their achievement.
  • Serve as an internal information security consultant to the organization.
  • Responsible to perform the risk assessment for information and act as an internal auditor for security purposes.
  • It is the duty of an information security executive to create and promote data safety and security awareness among the organization and the employees through various activities.
  • The main responsibility is to see whether the information security plans and procedures are being complied within the organization.
  • He/she acts as a link between the information system and the organization and is liable to check all security plans related to the system.
  • They advise the company with the latest information about the data security technologies and other associated regulatory issues.
  • They monitor the internal system of control to make sure that suitable access level is maintained.
  • They are responsible to provide education and training to the employees, affiliate partners in the field of marketing, alliances to ensure appropriate clearance of information security in agreement with recognized information safety and security policies and procedures.
  • They are liable for the preparation of the disaster recovery plans.
  • They are responsible to manage the passwords and security codes and share them with the members on the high post.
  • It is their duty to supervise information networks for safety intimidation or unofficial users.

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