Infrastructure Manager Job Responsibilities

An Infrastructure manager is one who is the backbone of any organization. He is the one who is to cultivate an atmosphere of the use of effective new technology and ensure the maintenance of the infrastructure including hardware, software, networks, servers and shared infrastructure. In most organizations this is a high salaried job.

Essential qualifications ideally include a degree in IT or engineering, preferably a certification in service management (such as ITIL) and certain years of experience. The major infrastructure manager job responsibilities include the following:

Infrastructure Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Overall management of the enterprise infrastructure and work closely with related department such as IT and business teams, and also affecting vendors and suppliers
  • Establish operating maintenance procedure and policies to be followed and standards of service to be delivered and all related terms and conditions
  • Together with Human Resources, assist in hiring, training, counselling and assigning work to employees
  • Maintain a technology architecture for a mixed number of years, and form infrastructure support teams to assist projects and applications
  • Coordinate with and report to senior management, regarding capital budgeting and infrastructure costs, and participate during resource allocation
  • Perform regular review of technology used and suggest recommendations for updates when required (critical and minor changes)
  • Work along with business stakeholders, sponsors and users to make sure that all teams are able to meet the SLAs and OLAs agreed upon
  • May require to lead geographically separated global teams, for which network coordination must be updated; resolveĀ  teams conflicting priorities
  • May act as the point of contact for any requests from departments for infrastructure changes in OS, desktops, applications or others; and coordinating changes without disrupting normal function
  • Manage the organizational Data Centre, cyber security, and remote access; this includes keeping track of organizations infrastructure assets
  • Manage required documentation work
  • Coordinate with relevant teams to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Liaison with internal/external suppliers and support staff

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