Inside Sales Job Responsibilities

An inside sales representative or a professional is a person who is responsible for selling the product or service by the way of a telephone or a computer. It is also at times referred to as virtual sales or remote sales. The person working at this profile has wide array of duties to perform and the list of the major inside sales job responsibilities are given below:

Inside Sales Job Responsibilities

  • Some organisations state that the core responsibility of an inside sales representative is to find potential clients/ buyers. The representative may thus be required to make cold calls to the clients and rate their interest in the products/ figure out their potential as a buyer.
  • Besides finding new clients other major responsibility on the inside sales reps is to maintain the existing ones. The reps may have to set different times for making cold calls, and for calling up the existing clients.
  • The inside sales reps are required by all the employers, to provide immediate response to all the clients; and provide sincere, accurate assistance to them.
  • Working with or in coordination with the sales managers, senior sales staff is also a part of the responsibilities on the inside sales rep. They have to coordinate to come up with strategic sales methods.
  • The sales reps that are not required to forward the viable needs to senior sales reps, are responsible for closing the sales on their own. Closing the sale can be a tricky part and must be done efficiently.
  • Some of the inside sales reps may also be required to enter the order into the system so that the info is forwarded to the company warehouse.
  • From the accounting standpoint of the sales function, an inside sales rep may be required to feed the debit and credit memos into the system.

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