Insurance Administrator Job Responsibilities

Insurance Administrator Responsibilities

The job of an Insurance administrator involves assessing the Company’s insurance coverage and      possible exposure to financial risk due to the liability claims. Their main job is to process insurance claims like worker’s compensation on behalf of the firm, maintain all records related to claims, having good contacts with all operating firms and branches to procure relevant documents when needed.

Insurance Administrator Responsibilities


–          Should have excellent mathematical and analytical skills in order to understand data and good communication skills while participating in workshops.

–          Maintain good relations with brokers, companies and keeping themselves updated with respect to new policies, claims, providing administrative support to team members and solving doubts, conflicts.

–          Maintain excellent data of all records related to claims, examining the risk liability of the firm, assisting in risk management and procuring new benefit vendors.

–          Processing insurance claims on behalf of the firm, performing paper-work jobs required during deadlines, drafting and presenting reports to management in systematic manner.

–          Maintains files for work-related injuries, preparing reports according to laws and policies, recommends payment or denial of benefits in relation to worker’s compensation claims. They should also maintain data base of retirees and surviving spouses for retirement or other benefits and sharing of premiums.

–          Co-ordinate meetings with brokers, workers in other branches and collects enrollment forms.

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