Insurance Underwriter Job Responsibilities

Insurance Underwriter Responsibilities

The main responsibility of Insurance underwriter is that he or she must offer covers on some typical terms. He is responsible to add extra charges on some selected items. His responsibility is to minimize the risk and losses of the company and giving the best output that he or she can. He must choose the work or project which can offer the maximum profit for the company or organization.

Insurance Underwriter Job Responsibilities

  • The responsibility of Insurance Underwriter is divided into two main groups. The first one is general insurance where he or she deals with the insurance of motor, household, business, organizations, people effected by some injury at their workplace etc, while the second one is life insurance, where the insurance is done for the illness problems, death related issues and injury but a Insurance Underwriter must be perfect with any of these two insurance categories.
  • He is responsible for going through with all the proposals related to insurance.
  • He must be aware with the background information related to the insurance.
  • His responsibility is to calculate risks and to decide whether it is beneficial for the company or not.
  • His responsibility is to link with the specialist in order to deal with the risk assessment.
  • He is the only person who negotiates with the brokers.

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