Internal Auditor Job Responsibilities

An internal auditor is one who undertakes the inspection and analysis of the operational aspects in an organization. The candidate is expected to conduct risk analysis and provide the factors that need to be controlled to bring down the risk. The candidate should possess good communication skills apart from the desired educational background to be able to perform all the internal auditor job responsibilities accurately. The list of internal auditor job responsibilities is given below:

Internal Auditor Job Responsibilities

  • Perform internal checks at frequent intervals both informed and surprise ones that helps in assessing the actual risk situation in the organization.
  • Assist the management in attaining corporate goals by evaluation of key parameters and their effective functioning.
  • Identify the lacunaeā€™s in the internal operations that can be harmful for the growth and development of the organization in the long run.
  • Provide assessment for the processes, procedures and systems programs which are vital for maintaining the confidentiality and quality of information processed in the organization.
  • Ensure compliance of regulatory framework as designated by the organization along with making sure that legal compliance is adhered to the maximum possible extent without any deviation.
  • Ensure to provide emergency backup plan that can help organization tide over critical business risks and situations in a well prepared manner.
  • Engage in devising and implementing anti-fraud and money laundering programs in the organization that acts as a check for staff to work in an honest manner at all times.
  • Provide proper documentation and reports for the internal audit work undertaken at periodic intervals.
  • Provide resolution to both internal and external clients on all issues that entail risk parameters analysis in the organization.
  • Undertake research on all financial information by ensuring accuracy of information disseminated.
  • Provide reports for various data process systems and work flow for the routine operational activities undertaken in the organization.

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