Irrigation Technician Job Responsibilities

The irrigation technician is the professional who is responsible for performing irrigation equipment installation and maintenance. Their job responsibilities include installation of water sprinkler in lawns, time to time watering of plants as per their requirement, fertilizing the plants and taking care of entire irrigational aspects of plants in the area, park, landscape project, play ground or wherever they are appointed.

Irrigation Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • Irrigation technician job responsibilities include using the latest tools and technologies in the irrigation field to water the plants, grass and gardens in his assigned job area.
  • Irrigation technicians are also required to install the watering equipment and repair them if case of any fault or failure.
  • Irrigation technician job responsibilities also include making soil and area analyses to understand the quality of soil and plants grown, in order to provide irrigation facility as required by particular soil type and plants.
  • Irrigation technician job responsibilities also include working on developing new methods and techniques for irrigation, to enhance the quality of his work.
  • Irrigation technician are required to perform work area analysis and work out to install the nest procedures for effective and efficient irrigation.
  • Irrigation technician job responsibilities also include performing market surveys in order to find out any new equipment and techniques for irrigation, and upgrading their work areas with new tools and techniques.
  • These candidates are also required to work on bringing and developing newer techniques which can help in covering more surface area for irrigation in lesser time.

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