IT Help Desk Job Responsibilities

An IT help desk executive is an individual who is hired by an IT company to provide IT help desk services to an office. Every IT company needs individuals who can provide customer support services and handle all the client calls and for this purpose, IT help desk executives are hired. They are trained to deal with queries and complaints and may provide either on-call or personal visit services to customers.  They deal with installations, troubleshooting problems and other technical matters. There are various duties that needs to be performed by the candidate working at this post and the list of the major IT help desk job responsibilities is given below

IT Help Desk Job Responsibilities

  • The main and primary job responsibility of a person who is employed as an IT help desk executive in an IT company or department is to receive and record all the technical queries or complaints that are made from end users.
  • He/she must work to resolve their queries and complaints by either assisting the customers on the phone or by making a visit.
  • An IT help desk executive is also responsible for monitoring daily backups and managing service requests etc.
  • It is the responsibility of an IT help desk executive to make installations and provide repair and restoration services etc.
  • Solving technical issues and reporting repeated technical complaints also forms a part of the job of an IT help desk executive.
  • He/she is also responsible for keeping himself/herself updated about the latest technical technology and IT repair and maintenance tips.
  • It is the responsibility of an IT help desk executive to provide investigation, and diagnosis of both hardware and software problems.
  • If the executive is unable to resolve an issue, then it is his responsibility of report the matter to a senior staff member.

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