IT Sales Professional Job Responsibilities

An IT sales professional is responsible for the sale of software, hardware and other IT services to commercial clients. Typically the IT sales cycle includes three stages – pre-sales, sales and after sales technical support. As such, IT sales professional job responsibilities involve tasks spread across these three stages; however they look after many more marketing and sales agendas of the concerned company.

IT Sales Professional Job Responsibilities

  • Understanding the business needs of the customer and applying product knowledge in order to meet those needs.
  • Developing and documenting a detailed and thorough technical requirements and specifications that suit the business needs of the customer.
  • Maintaining the right balance between achieving the set sales and revenue targets, whilst also ensuring the customer’s expectations in terms of cost, functionality and quality are met.
  • The creation and renewal of service level agreements and sales contracts.
  • Identifying opportunities for further sales through detailed research of specific industries and markets.
  • Marketing and promoting the company’s portfolio of products by writing and designing sales brochures, collaterals and through attending trade events and conferences.
  • Generating new business leads by cold-calling and arranging for meetings with prospective clients.
  • Responsible for customer presentations and demos in order to generate enough interest in the product or service and finally convert it to a sale.
  • Meeting the sales targets set by the organization or manager and contributing to the targets of the team.
  • Responding to calls for tenders, requests for information and proposals in order to generate sales.
  • Providing technical guidance to customers on all stages of the software installation pre and post the sale.
  • Escalating more serious issues to the concerned technical support personnel.
  • Providing technical support to customers and offering solutions wherever possible.
  • Networking with existing clients effectively to further sell additional products or upgrades to their existing ones.
  • Keeping abreast of the ever changing trends in technology.

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