IT technician Job Responsibilities

The Information Technician is appointed by the companies to maintain their hardware and software, train, consult and recommend about the future plans and development of the company’s resources. They generally report to the Senior Administrative Officer. By providing these services in an effective and efficient manner, the technician will ensure maximum access to and accomplishment of technology services and resources.

  IT Technician Job Responsibilities

  • The IT technician is responsible for setting up and connecting the hardware set up of the technological devices.
  • They are responsible to maintain and repair the information devices.
  • It is their duty to provide the explanation about the use of the existing technology to the new users.
  • They are responsible to provide training to the potential users and staff regarding the use and operation of the existing technology.
  • It is their duty to recommend the management about accessing the information and support.
  • It is their responsibility to sustain and maintain the current and required stock of the technological software, hardware and other resources.
  • It is their responsibility to make sure that the technology is practical and is updated with the latest hardware and software.
  • It is their duty to troubleshoot all the technological issues regarding network operating system, hardware and software and maintain a proper record of the repair and maintenance required.
  • They are in charge of monitoring the security of all the technology and take necessary decision and steps for the safety and protection of the organization and the employees.
  • They are responsible for advising the management of the security breach and change the passwords and security codes when ever required for the security purpose.
  • It is their duty to ensure that all the security procedures and guidelines related to the technological aspect laid by the management are being adhered to and complied.
  • They are responsible to perform all the other IT related services during the office hours.

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