Janitorial Job Responsibilities

Janitorial Responsibilities

Our dear janitor is the one that is employed to clean and service a building or any establishments. They are primarily responsible to keep the cleanliness of the place where they work in. Janitorial jobs are important to everyone because they are the ones who keeps our place on its hygienic condition, out of any disease due to dirt or any unnecessary thing that may bring us sickness. Janitors should be respected as one of the employees in an establishment regarding the positions they have, for many good services they are giving to us.

Janitorial Job Responsibilities

  • Watering and maintaining the good feature of plants.
  • Re fills bathroom paper and paper towels and they are also answerable for restocking of cleaning soap, feminine napkins and bathroom seat covers.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness at all times.
  • Ensure clean environment to see within its vicinity.
  • Ensure to use clean and sanitize materials while cleaning things inside its area to clean.
  • Always keep area clean and very much presentable to the visitors.
  • Trusted person in maintaining things workable and to do some repair as well if necessary.
  • Always available in order to attend the needs for cleaning matters within the vicinity area of responsibility.

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