Java Architect Job Responsibilities

Java architect job responsibilities begin with integration and comprehension of the java application in an IT company. The candidate is required to possess good software and programming skills especially in the java platform. The java architect helps to run websites which are java based and also ensure that the website is easy for the visitors to navigate.

Java Architect Job Responsibilities

  • Develops images, menus, animation, sounds etc on the website of the company and ensure that they function properly without any errors.
  • Enable the proper functioning of the java script on the website that helps the website in working properly at all times.
  • Create java script for user validation and account creation on the website of the company.
  • Improve the look and visibility of the website in a functional manner by making changes to template and menus at frequent intervals as advised by higher management.
  • Develop java scripts according to the functional needs of the management and website owners so that it becomes most user-friendly.
  • Research and gather information about user requirements regarding the website and suggest changes to the website accordingly.
  • Providing documentation for java scripts that are created and report all changes in written format to the top management in the company.
  • Conduct testing of proper functioning of the website that makes sure that the website has least down time during the day.
  • Provide resolution to issues that crop up on the website by modifying the java script according to the need.
  • Ensure that the website is secured from attacks of hackers and malware which is most vital for protection of the website of the company.
  • Embeds web applications to the website making it commercially viable for the company without any additional costs being incurred.
  • Provide suggestions to help improve user traffic and commercial value for the website of the company.

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