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Graduate Engineer Trainee is a person who has recently received the graduate engineering degree from any college or university and is working as a trainee. This bachelor’s degree in engineering stream given to the individual leads him to the first job of a graduate engineer trainee, who usually joins a company to earn experience as engineer. A graduate engineer can avail degree from any disciplines like aerospace, mechanical, chemical, civil and electrical. While working as a trainee in any organization they get the practical experience of the work.

Graduate Engineer Trainee Job Responsibilities

  • Graduate engineer trainees work for the engineering profession and initially assist the engineers.
  • Graduate Engineer Trainees assists the seniors in product designing and product testing.
  • Data analysis is an important part of any product development. Graduate engineer trainees of the company usually take care of this. Simultaneously failure analysis is also their job responsibility.
  • Graduate engineers trainees also can make computer models and replication of the product that is being built.
  • Graduate engineer trainees are also liable to collect the data on running production lines and work sites. They may take care of preliminary data analysis putting the facts and figures from production systems.
  • The Graduate engineer trainees who work in the aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors sometimes need to build finite element scrutiny models depending upon the design standards and equations given by licensed and expert engineers.
  • Graduate engineer trainees in civil engineering assists in surveying the constructional sites. They perform both process mapping and time studies.
  • The graduate engineer trainee should have a good communication skill and should have the ability to carry out or execute work plans as he has to work in close co-ordination with his reporting head. Once he carefully performs the tasks that has been assigned, regular reporting to the head should be done in proper systematic manner. He/she is liable to inform his mentor after each and every task is completed.

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