Journalist Job Responsibilities

Journalist Responsibilities

A Journalist can be employed in a newspaper or they can do free-lance work. They can work for a newspaper or they can freelance by writing on specific topics by interviewing the important persons in specific fields. The main job of a journalist is to collect news, current events and issues pertaining to the public. Collecting and analyzing information from various sources regarding trends, disasters and current issues.

Journalist Job Responsibilities

  • Called as the “Fourth Estate” in India.
  • Should not be biased towards any political party, caste, creed or religion and they should not manipulate news for their own interest.
  • Should maintain a high level of honesty, patriotism and integrity which will help a great deal in ensuring our national integrity.
  • The world has become global. The people are able to know events within the fraction of a second. It is also a fact, that nowadays blogs and personal websites have become popular. There will be different opinions as each individual tends to have their own view. This is where the journalist should  report the news in a manner  which is beneficial to the public and not move it towards destruction. For example: Community riots

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