Junior Accountant Job Responsibilities

A junior accountant is a person who assists his senior in looking after various accountings tasks in an organization. He is responsible for looking after the accounting statements and documents of the organization and reporting the matter to his seniors. There are various responsibilities that a person in this position has to fulfill and some of them are as follows:

Junior Accountant Job Responsibilities

  • The junior accountant is required to assist senior accountants and the auditors for the purpose of procuring and providing the supporting documents and information on the internal matters for the purpose of auditing.
  • They help in performing and maintaining the general ledger accounting functions and other routine accounts work to make sure that the functions of the various departments are completed on time with full accuracy.
  • They are responsible for gathering, organizing, providing and processing financial information regarding the extensive variety of work assignments and projects.
  • It is their duty to provide information to the other staff members regarding the procedural necessities with the aim to ensure that the financial compliance in accordance with the established standards and principles.
  • They are responsible to maintain and organize the huge variety and quantity of financial information in files, folders with the purpose of making these documents easily available and their conformity with the set policies and regulatory instructions and guidelines.
  • They are required to take part in the meeting, in-house workshops, training programs etc for the purpose of communicating or gathering the data and information required for performing the job responsibilities.
  • It is their duty to process an extensive range of financial figures and information for the purpose of updating and communicating information when required.
  • It is their responsibility to provide their support to all the other departmental staff regarding the processes and procedures requirements to ensure the compliance with the accounting standards and principles.
  • It is their duty to reconcile a large range of financial data with the intention of maintaining accurate account balances.
  • They research discrepancies of financial information or documents for the purpose of ensuring the accurateness and adherence to recognized procedures prior to processing.

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