Law Professor Job Responsibilities

Law professors impart education to students studying law at graduation and post graduation level. They conduct lectures on law practices and procedures. Like any other professor, the law professors are also employed on probation by the college authorities and are made permanent only after testing their skills and abilities for a few months.

Law Professor Job Responsibilities

  • Law Professor’s main job responsibility is to impart education to the students; he/ she conduct lectures on law subjects.
  • Law Professors are involved in conducting legal research in order to enhance their knowledge. They may even be involved in writing study material and books on law practices.
  • Law Professors give career advice to students; they suggest different career options in the field of law to their students based on their caliber.
  • Law Professors are involved in preparing the performance reports of the students.
  • Law Professors are required to design examination papers for the law students and conduct examinations.
  • Law Professors need to prepare the students for appearing in the exams and are also expected to make their students future ready.
  • Law Professors help the students in selecting law subjects depending upon their ability and learning capacity.
  • Law Professors see to it that they don’t just focus on the theoretical aspects but also involve students in practical case studies giving real life scenarios.
  • Law Professors are also expected to conduct seminars and conferences in their college to make the students aware about law practices. They may also be required to attend law seminars in other colleges.
  • Law Professors prepare the law syllabus for students.


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