Librarian Job Responsibilities

Librarian Responsibilities

Librarian works not only with printed resources but also with non print materials like the Internet, CD and computerized databases. They also broadcast details by taking in queries, issuing and getting books along with planning and organizational program to promoting usage of library like sending out newsletters to inform readers regarding the upcoming achievement.

Their main work areas are technical, administrative and user services.


Librarian Job Responsibilities


  • Maintain a friendly, pleasant and welcoming learning environment.
  • Administer facilities of the library to offer flexible access to the resources at the point of need.
  • Provide the necessary instructions for students and teachers to make their search easy.
  • Promote the pleasure of reading.
  • Organize and plan for the growth of library.
  • Maintain, assist and execute instruction as a source person to students and teachers.
  • Act as a team with staff relating to the prospectus development and support.
  • Bring together a collection of materials that support the philosophies, methodologies and innovations that go well with the needs of the school.
  • Arrange for distribution of video through satellite programming and closed circuit.
  • Choose and organize materials so that the people can use it efficiently.
  • Specialize in all the librarian works like technical, user and administrative services.
  • Carry out associated duties as needed.

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