Librarian Job Responsibilities

Librarian Responsibilities

Librarian is a professional person that is in charge on the library. When we heard about them our first impression would be the old woman wearing her reading glasses, with arching eyebrows every time we are asking for some info about the library. But then as we think of it librarians are the friendly, approachable and of course helpful person that will help us in finding the best source that we can use.

Librarian Job Responsibilities

  • Organize properly the library materials by filing cards on the shelf list as well as the bookshelves.
  • Introduce and implement the proper procedures and policies about the library to the readers.
  • Order materials needed by the library and report any payments needed to pay by the library.
  • Researched newly innovative materials that can be used by the people in the library to keep them updated.
  • Ensure to return the books borrowed.
  • Ensure convenience and comfort while inside the library.
  • Ensure completeness of needed materials for better research.
  • Ensure proper handling and proper caring of the entire materials within the vicinity of the library.

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