Licensed Conveyance Job Responsibilities

Licensed Conveyance Responsibilities

A Licensed conveyance is basically a legal specialist who is responsible for the selling and purchasing of property such as house, flats or any land.  They are responsible for dealing with all the legal matters and paperwork that are essential for the property transaction. They are responsible for advising the clients on their technical and financial content. They are responsible to act on the behalf of vendors. They are also responsible for gathering the instructions from clients.

Licensed Conveyance Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for sending the terms of engagement and approximation of fees.
  • His responsibility is to check out the land registry of the clients or title deeds.
  • He is responsible for making the clients to agree with rules and regulations been set by the government.
  • He is responsible for completing the transaction.
  • Exchanging contracts also comes under the responsibility of licensed conveyance.
  • He is responsible for dealing with all financial features related with the transactions.
  • He is responsible to assign the task to the staff members working under him.
  • He is responsible to direct the employees with the rules and regulations as set by the company.

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