Limo Driver Job Responsibilities

A limousine driver is a person who picks up clients from a requested place to the destination mentioned. The limousine driver also needs to possess good interpersonal skills apart from the driving skills. The limousine drivers might have clients on a contract basis or they may also drive for single trips. A commercial driver’s license is also required by the limousine drivers who transport more than 15 passengers on a regular basis.

Limo Driver Job Responsibilities

  • The limousine driver is responsible for the loading and the unloading of the luggage of the passengers in the limousine.
  • The driver is responsible in assisting the customer to get in and get out of the limousine. The driver might need to operate a wheelchair in case of disabled or elderly customers.
  • The limousine driver needs to inspect the inside of the limousine and make sure that it is neat and tidy.
  • The driver is also responsible for sharing knowledge about the locality in which the traveling is done.
  • The driver also needs to make sure that a thorough check of the vehicle is done paying attention to fuel, oil and other routine checks.
  • The limousine driver is responsible to make sure that there is enough supply of snacks and beverages.
  • The limousine driver needs to know the routes well and drive along the best route. The driver needs to oblige to the routes that the customer may propose.
  • The limousine driver is responsible for his appearance and needs to be neatly groomed and pleasant.
  • The limousine driver needs to maintain constant communication with the dispatchers and inform of any issues faced.
  • The driver also needs to maintain a sheet with information about the customer and the trip.
  • The driver needs to complete reports on accidents if necessary.

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