Location Manager Job Responsibilities

Location Manager Responsibilities

Location manager is responsible for managing all practical issues required at time of photo session or video shooting outside studio. Location manager is responsible for selecting the location which will suit the scene appropriately. He is responsible for searching and identifying such location which can meet the requirement of shots easily.

Location Manager Job Responsibilities

–         The responsibility of location manager is taking concern over scripts or story and then set the shots according to available location.

–         He is responsible for arranging schedule of meeting and discussion with director, producer and fashion designer to create an interesting environment in film shots.

–         He is responsible for finding different location from several location providing resources and then visit there and identify that location is under his film budget or not.

–         The responsibility of location manager is to meet all technical requirements of film on the desired location like electricity supply.

–         He is responsible for taking permission or authority from local administrator so that there will be no interruption during shooting of film.

–         He is responsible for handling risk assessment like security of staff member.

–         The responsibility of location manager is to handle the problems raised by the crew members at the selected site.

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