Locomotive Engineer Job Responsibilities

Locomotive engineers are those professionals who transport cargo and even people to different destinations and are thus responsible for the safety of the people or the goods that they are carrying or transporting. These professionals must learn to operate trains and should have excellent technical knowledge and grasp of geography as well. There are many job duties and responsibilities associated with this job which depend upon the exact place of employment. The following are some of the major locomotive engineer job responsibilities.

Locomotive Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Locomotive engineers are responsible for monitoring the switch rails, train engines and help in the transportation of people and shipment of goods and cargo across different cities and countries.
  • These professionals are also responsible for communicating with train supervisors and train stations and they are also required to operate commuter trains etc.
  • Any person working as a locomotive engineer must also inspect the locomotives in order to verify that they are equipped with proper utilities and are in proper working condition etc.
  • It is the responsibility of a locomotive engineer to interpret train signals, orders and must follow all the national and legal guidelines etc related to passenger train operations.
  • Another major responsibility of a locomotive engineer is to observe and inspect tracks to detect if there are any obstructions or not.
  • A locomotive engineer is also responsible for making sure that the cargo is packed in the train properly and is safely delivered to its final destination. He/she must also ensure passenger safety in the case of passenger trains etc.
  • Another responsibility of a locomotive engineer is to monitor various meters as well as gauges which are meant to measure the speed, battery, air pressure etc in the locomotive.
  • He/she must also conduct brake examination test.

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