Logistic Officer Job Responsibilities

Logistic Officer job responsibilities revolve around keeping the track of the materials which are shipped or received in any organisation. This job is all about managing the logistic records and the candidate dealing with this profile must be active and self organised. The accurate data of the entire logistics have to be maintained by this job profile holder and he needs to be really attentive in terms of keeping all the records. Negotiation with the transport companies is also the responsibility of a logistic officer and they must try to get the best prices for all the transport works. All the material which is under transport is also managed by logistic officer.

Logistic Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Logistic officers are responsible for maintaining all the logistic or transportation related records in any organisation.
  • They must be well versed with the products that their organisation deals with.
  • They must be accurate in terms of data and record management and they should also have good negotiation skills to fetch the best transportation charges for their organisation.
  • The stocking of the product is also managed by the logistic officers.
  • Logistic officers are also responsible for packaging the products during the transit to secure the products from any kind of damage.
  • They must know to use and handle the machines that are used in the packing and stocking of the materials.
  • The Warehouse maintenance is also the responsibility of the logistic officers and they have to ensure the proper management of the warehouse.
  • The mode and method of the product transportation is also decided by the logistic officers and they have to implement best in class practices for the transportation of the material.
  • All the technical knowledge has to be given to the field officers by the logistic professionals.
  • They also design the new logistic guidelines for the organisation.

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