Logistic Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Logistics is the management of the resources and its flow that happens between the point of origin of a commodity and the point of its consumption. Resources managed under logistics include a wide variety varying from physical items like equipment, staff to abstract like time, info etc. The logistic supervisor is the official who heads teams to overlook proper management of the resources that come under his/ her jurisdiction. Some of the major logistic supervisor job responsibilities are mentioned below:

Logistic Supervisor Job Responsibilities

  • A logistic supervisor is the individual who is responsible for the hiring, training and the management of all of the staff and the department associates.
  • The responsibilities of a logistic supervisor include initiating the development of monthly reports and motivating the respective heads to do the same. He/ she has to ensure all the reports are prepared, processed and forwarded to higher officials.
  • It is the responsibility of the logistic supervisor to ensure that all the daily operational goals of the respective facility are met in due time. The supervisor may be required to carry on a number of management and control functions in this respect.
  • Inventory management is an integral part of most organisations and the logistic supervisor is responsible for overseeing efficient and proper inventory management for the facility/ entity.
  • Ensuring that transportation activities like truck loading, the proper routing and unloading of the goods are performed efficiently is also one of the responsibilities on the logistic supervisor.
  • The logistic supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all the health codes and other state implemented safety standards are met by the organisation/ facility.
  • The logistic supervisor has to conduct timely analysis of the supply- transportation and storage- processes employed by the organisation, and provide suggestions to simply the work while increasing efficiency.
  • The supervisor has to build and maintain proper communication channels with all the other departments and the customers if needed.

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