Maintenance Worker Job Responsibilities

Maintenance Worker Responsibilities

The main duty of a maintenance worker is to execute major or minor repairs of equipments, utility systems or buildings in an organization. The qualification needed for this job description is: General education degree or a high school diploma, preferably one year of experience in equipment and building repair and maintenance, ability to understand short correspondences, simple instructions and memos.

Maintenance Worker Job Responsibilities

–          Replaces broken doors, windows, latches and closets.

–          Does the routine daily, weekly, and monthly checks on the equipments and building maintenance and keeps a tab on the procedures and schedules.

–          Helps in installing computer cables and repairs the control circuits and electrical equipments.

–          Replaces damaged electrical switches and refrigerator systems.

–          Repairs and calibrates pneumatic systems.

–          Help in emergency maintenance requests.

–          Acquires estimates for repair parts and supplies as and when needed.

–          Does an odd job like snow removal, etc.

–          Runs errands for several departments when the need arises.

–          They perform preventive maintenance procedures on broken parts, building equipments, etc.

–          They must have the capability to apply knowledge and common sense to handle detailed oral and written instructions.

–          Move and assist in transporting of equipments and furnitures.

–          Set up and break down the cubicle partitions, employing discretion for identifying projects which require higher-skilled crafts.

–          Activate and deactivate building alarms by responding to alarm calls.

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