Manufacturing Manager Job Responsibilities

A Manufacturing Manager in an organization is the person responsible for the overall manufacturing of the product, its timely delivery as per specifications laid out and in a cost effective manner. It is best for organizational interests that he be a person with engineering and manufacturing knowledge and with strong communication skills.

In flatter organizations the Manufacturing manager reports directly to the vice president or senior head. In a hierarchical based structure they may report to the plant head. The major manufacturing manager job responsibilities include the following:

Manufacturing Manager Job Responsibilities

  • They work at the contact between the first-line workers/supervisors and the organizations executives
  • Planning the production schedule keeping in mind relevant constraints such as time and budget
  • Ensuring that the set production quota is met, which requires monitoring and analyzing the plant/factory’s personnel available, infrastructure and capital
  • Complete monitoring of the production run, including negotiating with upper management on the shifts allowed, personnel overtime required and machines necessary
  • Monitor the standard of the product, that is, they must ensure that the ready good meets the established quality standards
  • If quality standards are not met, then they must find out the reasons- whether internal (unskilled workers, lack of infrastructure etc.) or external (poor raw material, insufficient inventories etc.) and determine a way to resolve the problem
  • If internal factors are identified, then adequate measures- such as employee training programs or suggestions and feedbacks have to be introduced; if external factors are determined then the relevant departments (in this case the purchase and the finance departments) have to be contacted
  • Work closely with other departments- such as Marketing and Sales (to understand market demand for product); Purchasing (to acquire inventories so that production is not delayed) etc.
  • Communicate with service team for delivery of world class reliable services and with the R&D team to facilitate latest innovations

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