Marine Engineer Job Responsibilities

Marin engineering is that branch of engineering which deals with the designing, repair and maintenance of the various kinds of mechanical systems and equipments that are used in aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats and cargo ships etc. These individuals focus on marine vessels and work to ensure that they can properly be operated. There are many types of mechanical systems on a marine vessel and depending upon that, marine engineers choose their area of specialization. Based on this area of specialization, their responsibilities differ from one another. The following are some of the major marine engineer responsibilities.

Marine Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • A marine engineer is responsible for designing and planning of a marine vessel or apparatus and may be required to oversee its construction process.
  • Another major responsibility of a marine engineer is to conduct various kinds of tests to ensure that the prepared marine vessel is ready to be used. These tests include analytical, environmental and operational tests.  Tests can also be conducted for individual marine parts.
  • It is the responsibility of a marine engineer to analyze various kinds of data to verify the feasibility of proposals related to products and equipments etc.
  • A marine engineer is also responsible for preparing system layouts and detailed sketches and drawings etc.
  • It is the responsibility of a marine engineer to confer and communicate with research personnel to rectify problems and issues and also to modify the designs for better performance.
  • One of the important job responsibilities of a marine engineer is to procure materials which will be needed either in the construction of the marine vessel or its repair work.
  • He/she is also responsible for preparing technical reports and recording performance activities etc.
  • Another responsibility involves supervising and managing other engineers on the project and training of new engineers.

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