Media Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Media Coordinator Responsibilities

A media-coordinator’s job is a one which is mainly to procure space for advertising in newspapers for clients. In Radio and Television sector, they work with the media people to locate the specific time for broadcasting. These are mainly done so as to grab the general public’s attention. He is responsible for location of specific time and space in type of media which will reach the audience in the most suitable manner on a tight budget.

Media Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining good relations and effective communication with all kinds of media(Example: reporters, free-lance reporters, Television, radio stations and the newspapers).
  • Identify the roles and types of reporters and giving them updates and feed-backs.
  • Schedule a meeting every week with the concerned product’s Marketing Department  regarding the strategies of increasing the sales of the product. They should serve as messengers and means of communication between the Marketing team and representatives of various Media companies.
  • Check every commercial, right from the beginning stage, from Copy-editing to the time it is aired on Radio or Television.
  • Take care of cost, maintaining proper accounts of the clients and ensuring that payment is paid to the Vendors.

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