Media Planner Job Responsibilities

Media Planner Job Responsibilities

Media planners are also known as Brand planners/ brand strategists.

Their job is to locate the space and time for their client’s products for advertising in newspapers and for broadcasting in radio stations and Television. They should know the pulse of the public and their job includes working with the copy-writers, and the various types of media. It is their responsibility to help the clients in reaching out to the public by selecting the relevant media platforms for achieving their business goals.

Media Planner Job Responsibilities:

  • They need to compile a large amount of data regarding the product, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • They need to develop new ideas and techniques for marketing.
  • They should know the particular time and space as to market the brand. It is important to find the correct time and to find the correct audience. For example, if it caters to the youth, they have to advertise the brand at a time which is regular for broad-casting and viewership.
  • They may have to work sometimes on a tight budget.
  • They should co-ordinate with all the required departments  and  ensure that proper feedback and payment is provided to concerned agencies and vendors.

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