Medical Technician Job Responsibilities

Medical Technician Responsibilities

The responsibilities of medical technician start from organizing various lab programs in which he can examine x-ray and other reports of patient. Medical reports of patients are examined by medicine technician to know the status of normal component in their body. He is responsible for utilizing the various applications and equipments of medical like radiotherapy, bioengineering and laser technique.

Medical Technician Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for analyzing blood cells and counts their number in affected part of body by using microscope.
  • He is responsible for examining blood group and analyze compatible test.
  • He is responsible for storing the result of every inspection and report, in system of medical section.
  • Medical technician is responsible for conducting research work under guidance of any medical professor and organizing some training programs through which progress of students can be measured easily.
  • Medical technician is responsible for providing specialization work in chemistry, serology, histology, hematology and immunology.
  • He is responsible for supervising, analyzing and repairing medical equipments used during operation.
  • He is also responsible for developing design of clinical tools and equipments.
  • Medical technician is responsible for operating with efficiency by the use of medical instruments in order to acquire positive result.

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