Medical Technologies Job Responsibilities

Medical Technologist Responsibilities

Like any other professionals medical technologists required professional knowledge and competence in their field of medical technology. They usually work in clinical pathology labs where they do proper analyzing in this matter.  They are also among the important member of the health team or society since they are the ones that provides pertinent finding on the patient’s condition through the use of their specimens

Medical Technologist Job Responsibilities

  • Examined human blood and any other specimen needed to diagnose the clients ‘condition.
  • interpreting the data and results and reporting their findings to the attending physicians
  • Keep and respects confidentiality of the specimens result.
  • Recommends test or series of tests be determined a more definite result.
  • Work with a group of medical professionals in conducting researches and medical discoveries.
  • Maintains a log of supplies used in the laboratory and keeps area stocked with supplies.
  • Operates, calibrates, and conducts performance checks on clinical laboratory equipment to ensure that it is operating efficiently and providing accurate results
  • Establishing and monitoring quality control systems and measures such as aseptic technique in testing specimens.

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