Medical Transcriptionist Job Responsibilities

Medical Transcriptionist Responsibilities

Basically, the medical transcriptionists are accountable for documentation of the medical procedures carried out by medical professionals. Recorded notes would be received by them through non-voice process from the medical professionals such as doctors and they have to transcribe it to a document with the use of word processor and computer, foot pedal and a headset so that the recording can be controlled.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Responsibilities

–          Transcribing dictation for different types of reports in the field of medicine and include physical examination reports, operations, consultation, discharge summaries etc to name a few.

–          Editing and reviewing the transcribed reports for clarity, grammar, medical terminology, clarity and spelling.

–          Distinguishing between homonyms to avoid any possible mistakes along with recognizing mistakes and inconsistencies by using drug references, dictionaries, medical sources etc.

–          Returning dictated reports to the doctors so that they can be reviewed for corrections and signature by the medical professionals

–          Translating medical abbreviations and jargon to their expanded versions so that the accuracy of records can be ensured

–          Taking dictation with the use of stenotype machines or short hand. Some of them depend on transcribing machines and headsets

–          Identifying any mistakes in the reports and consulting with the doctors if clarification is required

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