Merchandise Analyst Job Responsibilities

In the broad sense of the term, merchandising includes all the activities/ practises which lead to the sale of a product to the retail customer. As suggested the term has a very broad scope and thus the job of a merchandise analyst can vary depending upon the industry. Still the primary function/ purpose of the position remain the same throughout. Most entities employ a merchandise analyst to perform varied tasks all leading to efficiency and growth in their sales operations. The list of the major merchandise analyst job responsibilities is given below:

Merchandise Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • The merchandise analyst has to supervise the physical inventory of the respective organisation and ensure it is managed properly by the staff.
  • It is the responsibility of the merchandise analyst to compile and properly store all the data pertaining to sales, storage, transportation, and production etc. of the merchandise he/ she is assigned by the business.
  • The merchandising analyst is responsible for monitoring specific merchandising processes, collecting appropriate data and preparing the relevant financial/ statistical reports on the same.
  • Providing timely and accurate assistance while making decisions in regards to merchandising is also the responsibility of the merchandising analysts. There inputs in decision making are generally based on the data they have analysed.
  • The merchandising analysts have to manage each and every category of merchandise and also develop appropriate tools to perform data analysis in respect to the different categories.
  • Another responsibility that is laid on these analysts is to monitor each and every issue that is presented in front of them and to resolve it effectively.
  • Working in coordination with the product managers is required of a merchandising analyst and they are responsible for preparing the financial reports for these managers while also explaining the stats to them.
  • It is the responsibility of these analysts to work in coordination with the traders and establish the proper work time frames. They also have to ensure that these timeframes are met.

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