Microbiologist Job Responsibilities

As the word microbiologist suggests, it deals with the study and analysis of micro-organisms like algae, viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi. The work of microbiologist is mainly laboratory based where they use advanced equipments like electron microscopes to study these organisms. Sophisticated softwares are used to analyse the results of their experiment. Essentially, microbiologist job responsibilities involve analysing laboratory specimens and monitoring of microbial samples, culturing using advanced equipment and a variety of identification methods including clinical trials.

Microbiologist Job Responsibilities

  • Working to generate results on how micro-organisms can be used for the good of the society as a whole, in the form of medicines, vaccines to prevent diseases or generation of some form of utility for the environmental good.
  • Tracking the development of environmental micro-organisms.
  • Growing microbe cultures and executing clinical trials wherever required.
  • Ensuring the proper storage and maintenance of the specimens and ensuring all the standard working conditions are met with.
  • Ability to work with a team and particularly with biochemists and medical scientists to develop solution for a particular problem.
  • Brainstorming and researching constantly to develop new ideas and scope for discovery.
  • Performing molecular biology experiments dealing with the propagation of bacterial cells and cell lines of mammals.
  • Generating and maintaining recombinant viruses and their sectors for recombinant strains of bacteria.
  • Gaining and improving on the theoretical knowledge to troubleshoot problems and interpreting the data.
  • Being keen on self research and independence in problem solving.
  • Preparing and presenting data and its interpretations in laboratory meeting and in local or national research seminars.
  • Endeavoring for constant self-up gradation by participating in program seminars and field activities.
  • Performing the typical laboratory duties such as checking supply stocks and restocking whenever necessary, preparing reagents and propagating important cell lines.
  • Visiting a variety of locations and collecting samples for them to diversify the research and development field.

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