Midwife Job Responsibilities

Midwife Responsibilities

Midwives are an important part of this health care team that provides women’s care at all times. They are the ones that give support for pregnant woman and her partner as labor gets under way and until the baby was born when an OB- GYNs is not present on the situation. They are trained to provide these services as alternative to traditional OB GYNs.

Midwife Job Responsibilities

  • In some areas when nurses are not available they are the ones who give vitamins and injections according to doctor’s prescription.
  • Gives lectures about birth control and general gynecological health.
  • Conduct research relevant to women’s health issues and publish their findings in professional journals.
  • Help parents-to-be developed a birth plan that covers how they would like their baby’s birth to go.
  • Provide postpartum follow-up care after a baby is born to ensure the continuity of care.
  • They give assistance and guidance from giving the needed care and better counseling as well for pregnant mothers.

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