Ministry of the Church Job Responsibilities

Ministry of the Church Responsibilities

Ministry of the church is the one who serves in the church and do many activities that matters about church. They help in all the church activities and serves as priest assistant in all its serving.  They have a big role in the church and they really give enough satisfaction because they are voluntarily doing their task in accordance to the rules and regulations of the church that they belong.

Ministry of the Church Job Responsibilities

  • To strictly follow all the rules and regulations of the church.
  • To show right acts, and right conducts to serve as a good model for the others.
  • Help in any church activities that matters to the humanity.
  • Give assistance to the priest while doing Holy Mass.
  • Facilitate peace and quiet while priest is conducting a mass.
  • Serve with all honesty and with all the love to serve the people.
  • Communicate properly in accordance to the right conduct.
  • Attend the mass as necessary.
  • Help the church in promoting good values and good deeds among the many through conducting several activities and by being a good model as well.

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