Network Security Job Responsibilities

Network Security Job basically deals with the safety and protection of the IT network of the organization. The network security incharge is mainly responsible for writing, executing and organizing the network security plans and measures. They are also in duty to continuously update the security measures and policies in accordance with the change in the network threats and problems. A bachelor’s degree and industry certificate are required for network security positions.

Network Security Job Responsibilities

  • Network security job deals with the responsibility to administer the various IT professionals which includes the consultants, vendors and worker to protect the assets of the organization including computer system and intellectual property.
  • The network security officer may also be included in the recruitment process of IT personnel to work in the company.
  • It is their duty to set up the security goals and objectives in such a way that it helps in accomplishing the overall corporate goal of the organization.
  • They are responsible for the formulation, creation, adoption and execution of the standards, plans, procedures and guidelines for the company’s network security.
  • It is their duty to deal with the maintenance and sustenance of the network security procedures.
  • It is the responsibility of the network security in charge to make sure that all the network equipments are properly maintained and secured.
  •  They are also entrusted with the duty to keep a check on the functioning of the access control system, video scrutiny devices and any other equipment that has an effect on the company’s network security.
  •  They are responsible for educating the employees about the network security policies and measures of the company.
  • They make plans to take care of the security breaches and threats such as hacking etc. They should assign proper resources to deal with the security threats and incidences on a priority level.
  • They are entrusted to use various network software and supervision devices to discover breaches, doubtful activities, vulnerabilities and interfering attempts.

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