Newspaper Editor Job Responsibilities

Newspaper Editor Responsibilities

The newspaper editor job varies in small and big newspapers. In a regional or a newspaper restricted to certain areas, they should assume overall responsibility for the content, accuracy, authentication and verification of news, management of their staff. An editor job in a leading newspaper involves mainly dealing with the staff of journalists and meeting deadlines. It includes many jobs like selecting, condensing, correcting, verifying and reorganization of data from various sources and help in the day to day printing of the newspaper.

Newspaper Editor Job Responsibilities

  • Have to sometimes work closely with editors and journalists depending upon the situation and at untimely hours. They also decide their work-schedule and assignments.
  • Should have a clear knowledge of the public opinion and know the pulse of the general public.
  • Responsible for the main headlines of the newspaper. They have should have a clear view of the viewers likes, dislikes and the news which are popular according to the current events.
  • Should take decisions in the placement of articles and selection of photographs according to the incident.
  • May write once in a while, based upon a specific topic upon their opinion which is known as op-ed pieces or on a particular event.

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