NGO Accountant Job Responsibilities

NGO Accountant Responsibilities

The major role of a NGO accountant involves preparing bills for donor organizations in compliance with donor agreement. They should also maintain good relationship with donors, preparing and analyzing project reports as per the budget, competence in handling the finalization of accounts for their clients, preparing an effective accounting system to deal with the nuances of non-profit bookkeeping and reporting.

NGO Accountant Job Responsibilities

–          Should prepare budget according to the program and staff numbers, taking care of funds to pay bills and salaries of employees, vendors, solutions to business and financial problems,

–          Prepare profit and loss statements, analyze revenue and resolve accounting discrepancies.

–          Maintaining records of accounts as archives, good skills of computer software and manual filing systems.

–          Monitoring reports with accuracy and detail and submitting the timely monthly, quarterly and year end close reports in duly manner as per the deadlines and rules of the Government, State and District bodies.

–          Coordinate with the internal and external auditors during audits and prepare financial audit preparation.

–          Coaching and developing the capacity of local staff regarding financial management, reviewing expenses and demonstrating the benefits of transparent reports.

–          Sourcing new NGO with like-minded interests and new companies for fund-raising, reporting to stakeholders, assisting partners and donors with assessment of funds.

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