Nun Job Responsibilities

Nun Responsibilities

Nuns are the person that devoted themselves to serve God and the people around her.  They are the ones that are happy in their chosen profession that only wanted to help and give support to the needs of the many.  Through the church as their home, they serve people and God with all the love that they know and all the prayers that they can give.  They are parts of the church who serves at all times.

Nun Job Responsibilities

  • To offer herself to the Lord through sacrificing and devotedly give all herself in serving people and every mankind.
  • To pray for those who needed prayers for better life to fulfill.
  • Help and give support to those who are truly needy.
  • Promote good deeds and good values by showing the right attitude and being a great inspiration to the many.
  • To help the church in all the activities that matters to the welfare of the many.
  • Assist the church and the nation as well for the benefits of the humanity.
  • Follow strictly the rules and regulations that are mandated by the highest church.
  • To abide by their promises while they were ordain as nuns.

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