Nurse Case Manager Job Responsibilities

Nurse case managers are the health care professionals who basically specialise in helping the patients and ensuring that they are provided with all the services/ assistance they need. They are registered nurses who are responsible for the respective patient from the point of admission till the time when they are discharged. In the interim time period these professionals perform a variety of tasks and fulfil varied duties and some of the major Nurse case managers job responsibilities are given below:

Nurse Case Manager Job Responsibilities

  • The first and foremost responsibility that a nurse case manager is to fulfill the assessment and the evaluation of the patients that have come seeking medical advice. They are responsible for recording all of the patient info- current and past.
  • It is the nurse case managers who are responsible for the preparing a complete evaluation report of the patients and developing the individualised health/ medical care plans based upon the evaluations.
  • Besides developing the care plans the nurse case managers are also required to evaluate the plans regularly and update them as per the patient needs.
  • One another responsibility that is to be met by the nurse case manager is to make patient referrals and schedule the appointments/ surgeries required by the patient.
  • The nurse case managers have to coordinate with the respective doctors and other medical practitioners to provide the patients with timely and required medical diagnosis/ assistance.
  • Administering the medication doses being given to the patients and monitoring the therapies and treatment procedure being conducted on the patient is also a part of the responsibilities on the nurse case managers.
  • These professionals are also responsible for ensuring that all the medical services and resources are available for the patient as and when they are needed.
  • They are responsible for educating the patient and his/ her family about the patient’s condition and the procedures/ course of treatment etc.

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