Nursery Nurse Job Responsibilities

A nursery nurse is the professional who is responsible for providing care to children who are in the age group of 0-7 years.  These nurses help the kids to develop, learn and understand basic things.  These nurses take proper care of the children who are left in child nurseries and kids start learning new habits, become a part of many new activities which help in their development. These nurses are the first teachers the kids get, and hence children start learning new things from these nurses. Hence they play a significant role in the development of a child in his early years.

Nursery Nurse Job Responsibilities:

  • Nursery nurse job responsibilities include designing play based activities for children which not only engages them but help in developing good habits and learning new things.
  • These nurses are required to engage the children in activities and games which help in developing the educational aspects and help in mind development in kids.
  • These candidates are also responsible for providing healthy and hygienic environment and surrounding for children in the nursery.
  • Nursery nurses are responsible for taking care of the children like making them have their meals on time, developing hygienic habits in children and in providing them a safe and secure environment.
  • Nursery nurse job responsibilities also include monitoring and documenting the progress reports of all the children and discussing the progress of children with their parents.
  • Nursery nurse job responsibilities also include teaching basic eating and cutlery handling skills to the children.

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