Nursing Assistant Job Responsibilities

Nursing Assistant Responsibilities

A nursing assistant is a person who helps persons who cannot do their activities of daily living and providing care and support. But they have to do these jobs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. They are known by other names as Certified Nursing Assistant in United States and Certified Assistant in United Kingdom. He or she is responsible for observation of the condition of the patient and act as back-up to the nurses.

Nursing Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for charting vitals as per the patient’s condition and reporting to the concerned staff.
  • Help in patient’s intake of prescribed diet and helping them to exercise, if needed in long-term facilities. They may also help in respiratory therapy exercises.
  • Taking patients to various doctors as per their requirements by using a wheel-chair or stretcher.
  • Ensure patients are clean and linens and bed-sheets are changed according to the diary. If patient is bed-ridden, they have to re-turned and repositioned  to prevent them from getting bed-sores.
  • Responsible for basic day to day needs of the patients such as bathing, grooming, feeding patients and helping nurses with their day to day discharge of duties.

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