Office Clerk Job Responsibilities

Office Clerk Responsibilities

Office clerk responsibilities deal with the normal task that is made in the office. His major responsibility is to make bills and payrolls. They can also make their involvement in the business operations, these operations are entering data in the computer, answering customer’s queries and segregating some files and documents, answering phone calls and scanning valuable documents. They basically work in the governmental and private sectors or any other organization.

Office Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Office clerk responsibility is to maintain all the paper work and major documents of the organization and make sure that they are kept at their specified place.
  • His responsibility is to perform all the basic duties such as answering phone calls, emails and fax.
  • Fill the absence of any officers.
  • Makes a perfect report of the work and present it to anyone when it was asked.
  • His responsibility is to train all the other co-workers and help them to complete all the data entry work on the computer.
  • Cooperate with all the members and maintain a perfect interaction with each other.
  • His responsibility is to maintain all the office work, such as repairing all the machinery and photocopying machines.
  • His responsibility is to help his boss in their travel and set up the perfect time for meetings.

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