Oil Refinery Foreman Responsibilities

Oil Refinery Foreman Responsibilities

The responsibilities of oil refinery foreman start with the leading engineers, team members, supervisors and journeyman during project processing. An oil refinery foreman is responsible for making a good schedule for projects so that projects can run smoothly. He is also responsible for arranging meetings for the project so that necessary instructions can be given to team members who will work on project.

Oil Refinery Foreman Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for making a chart of time-schedule and updates that chart day by day so that the progress of work on the project can be analyzed easily.
  • He is responsible for supervising the work of team members and helps in providing essential tips to make their work effective.
  • He is responsible for checking the payment account of every member of his team to ensure that they are paid timely.
  • Oil refinery foreman is responsible to arrange require material, machinery and equipments which are used to complete project timely.
  • He is also responsible for having full knowledge of equipment’s availability so that if any of the equipment is required on site, he can inform for machinery supply to his project manager without delaying work.
  • He is responsible for following safety procedure with the project; if any accident takes place during project completion, he is responsible for providing proper treatment and care to employee.

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