Oil Rig Manager Job Responsibilities

Oil Rig Manager Responsibilities

The following article discusses the role of an Oil Rig Manager and the importance in an organisation. An Oil Rig Manager is the supervising officer in an oil rig, who in charge of the crew that has undertaken the responsibility of drilling of a particular region.

The primary purpose of an Oil Rig Manager is to maintain the drilling activities and equipment of the rig.

Oil Rig Manager Job Responsibilities

  • An Oil Rig Manager must monitor and maintain the rig he presiding over by monitoring all drilling activities and maintaining all the equipment.
  • Must ensure the safety of all employees in the rig.
  • Must handle all issues arising due to circumstances.
  • Must provide safety training to all personnel.
  • Should maintain the quality of the product and uphold the standards.
  • Should be able to co-ordinate with supplies department and transportation department to monitor the movement of materials.
  • Should maintain an inventory and must keep a record of all purchases and sales of materials.
  • Conduct prep works before setting up rig.
  • Manage setting up & taking down of the rigs.
  • Adherence to ecological & other government policies and laws.
  • Needs to adhere to the safety practices.
  • Manage daily drilling activities.

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